Workstations and Servers are the lifeblood of your business. Regular maintenance is the key to their sustainability.

IM YOUR NERD provides systematic, proactive and immediate technical support for your servers and workstations, managed by our certified IT Professionals and Support Staff. If you have always thought that there must be a better strategy than the reactive approach your current IT support provider is giving you, then you will love the solution IM YOUR NERD brings to the table.

Servers are the heartbeat of a network and need many “services” running in order to function properly. Because we know how vital your company’s server is, we keep an eye on your server very carefully. If any of its “services” go down, we restart them immediately and can even reboot the server remotely if necessary. We also perform active maintenance on this important computer to make sure your organization stays up and running.

The goal of server and computer maintenance is to ensure their operation without any failure interruptions. With early detection and quick response to existing errors, IM YOUR NERD can ensure that your daily workflow is not compromised by faulty hardware or issues that should have been recognized long ago.